El Rap de Michael Bolton

En el TestingUY 2017, Michael Bolton participó de mesas redondas y de la keynote de cierre. En ambas oportunidades se animó a rapear para transmitir que el concepto de testing no es el mismo que el checking, y que por esto no podemos hablar de testing automatizado. Les comparto el audio grabado en la keynote de cierre por el amigo Alejo del Castillo (¡gracias por compartir!) quién comenzó a trascribir la letra del rap, pero a mí se me ocurrió ir por el camino rápido, que fue pedirle a Michael que me la pase, así que también les comparto la letra del rap de Michael Bolton sobre testing.

Experimentation, learning, free-style exploration
studying and modeling, conjecture, observation

test code development, task prioritization
checking out competitors, preparing simulations

reconciling your testing with required regulations
gathering, assessing, and applying information

deliberation, judgement, designing visualizations
setting up the lab to try complex configurations

working out the problems in a puzzling situation
finding ambiguity in a product specification

trying to look beyond the predicted expectation
that’s because testing’s all about investigation

questioning and learning-playful product interaction
trying to keep your focus while you’re managing distraction

sensemaking, myth breaking, decision making, no faking
stressing out the product to discover where it’s breaking

refining test approaches through deliberate practice
how could hackers hack this? don’t give them access!

working with the marketers to show the app’s power
point to all the features try to finish in an hour

So I shall socialize to promote collaboration
other folks can help my with my testing preparation

talking with the managers to learn what they require
testing for charisma—that’s what customers desire

refactoring at every step keeping things maintainable
lets get over overtime and make the pace sustainable

working with the marketers to show the app’s power
point to all the features try to finish in an hour

selecting, configuring, and then applying tools
applying critical thinking confirmation is for fools

pattern recognition, distributed cognition
helping shy colleagues get over inhibition

building coverage models, analyzing risk
eliminating waste, trying to keep the pace brisk

wrestling with problems in the setup of environments
interviewing users to discover their requirements

interrupted and disrupted ‘cos the product’s full of bugs
the fellas who developed it must have been on drugs!

I want to say this while I’m in a rap rhythm
a check’s a part of testing encoded in algorithm

testing’s much more than automated checks and test cases
human variation puts the product through its paces

use the tools powerfully, that’s what I’m suggesting
but don’t try to tell me you can automate the testing!

Michael Bolton – This is as of June 3, 2017 — it may change over time*

*Aclaro que la letra que me envió la ordené de acuerdo al siguiente audio, a cómo la cantó el día de las charlas en TestingUY, y esto muestra que cada vez que lo canta lo va ajustando. Lo que aparece tachado es porque estaba en el texto que Michael me pasó, pero no lo cantó ese día, pero me parecía bueno incluirlo también en el post, por más que no es totalmente fiel al audio.

Espero te guste, a mi me encantó, y en el evento causó sensación 🙂

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