Invitación al webinar + Abstracta

El próximo miércoles participaré de un webinar junto a Lucía Lavagna (de Abstracta también) y a Shani Shoham de Estaremos hablando de distintos desafíos que hay al hacer la transición a metodologías como CI/CD, DevOps, etc. Es la primera vez que hacemos un webinar y Abstracta juntos. 

El webinar será en inglés, se podrá participar online de manera gratuita el 24 de Octubre a las 13hs de Uruguay

Abstract: CI/CD, BDD, ATDD, DevOps, Agile, Continuous Testing – however you want to do it… We’re all striving for faster release cycles and higher quality software. Join us in this free webinar with as we discuss 8 common mistakes enterprises can avoid as their process of continuous improvement evolves. Hear some lessons we’ve learned from making these mistakes ourselves and know exactly how to overcome them. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Helpful checklists for each stage of your transformational journey.
  • How to align the team and set the cultural and technical foundations for CI/CD.
  • Best practices to improve test coverage, release faster and improve quality & visibility.
  • How to make the quick, small changes that lead to the greatest impact.

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